Sofia Deluxe: Bikini, Oil, Sun

Category: BBW, Photo, Solo | Date: 27 September 2019

Sofia Deluxe: Bikini, Oil, Sun

Sexy and stunning Sofia Deluxe is with our team in Colombia. It's a beautiful day at the pool, made even more beautiful with Sofia around. For this scene, she put on one of her extreme bikinis that has less material than a handkerchief.

In Spanish, Sofia says she hopes you like her big tits and her bikini. Oh, yeah. Wearing high heels, Sofia struts around the pool area, her hips swaying from side to side, her full, ripe, firm tits jiggling.

Sofia plays with her breasts, takes off her bikini and picks up a bottle of baby oil, squirting it all over her tits, belly and butt. She rubs the oil into her soft flesh, emptying the bottle.

Walking over to a bench, Sofia sits so she can play with her pussy. After she cums, murmuring pleasure words in her native tongue, she walks to the house for a shower. It's hot and sticky in paradise and Sofia makes it hotter.

Sofia Deluxe: Bikini, Oil, Sun

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