Sealing The Deal

Category: BBW, Photo, XXX | Date: 12 June 2019

Sealing The Deal

Plush and sexy Amiee Roberts is a blonde hottie with 40H-cup breasts. She works for Mr. Dix, a real-estate broker and stages houses for sale. This morning, all's set to go at one of the houses...except for one thing. Dix doesn't like Amiee's red dress that clings to her pleasingly and teasingly plump figure like plastic wrap. He wants her to change, fearing her oomph-power will turn-off his female clients.

Amiee didn't bring anything else and definitely not a bra so they go to the house owner's bedroom to check her closets for a more business-like outfit. The closets are empty and at this point--at this critical time--with customers arriving, Amiee decides to show the boss her naked major mams. He succumbs instantly, takes them in hand and sucks on her nipples. The power of the pussy at work!

They strip and get into bed where Dix shows he's both a rough boss and a rough fucker, drilling Amiee every which way and having her suck his nuts and drool and gag on his dick. The customers are on their way. Who cares? The boss and his assistant are too busy turning the bedroom into a sex parlor.

"I love my scenes at XL Girls," said Amiee. "I watch them alone. I always do because I judge myself the hardest. At first I thought it was weird seeing myself on-camera but I think I look good and that makes me feel good. I get horny watching them!"

Sealing The Deal

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