Karen Fisher – Double your boob pleasure

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Double your boob pleasure

Double your boob pleasure

"Before I walked into the studio the first time, I really, honestly did not think I could pose, and coming in and having such a good time and seeing the magazines, definitely, I couldn't believe it."

That's a quote from Kelly Christiansen, the gorgeous wife of a SCORE reader. The epitome of the strapping blonde built like a brick shithouse, Kelly is up for entry into the SCORE Hall of Fame. I hope she wins. Then I hope she returns to model again because she was so hot and sexy.

One fantasy I always ask for is the No. 1 male fantasy throughout recorded and unrecorded history. That's one man having sex with two beautiful women. Kings, sultans, Wall Streeters, politicians, porn studs and other fortunate fucks have the means to indulge in this fantasy. Men's magazine editors, not so much. For me, two guys and one girl is a sausage fest and not a male fantasy. That's a Top 10 fantasy for women, according to numerous sex surveys.

Four heavy tits are better than two. Two mouths over your cock are better than one. Two pretty faces--eyes worshiping you as their mouths share your cock before you fuck their pussies--are better than one.

The pairing of Kelly with another strapping blonde named Karen Fisher is a perfect pairing for this fantasy. They're both superwomen, bigger-than-life. Together, they gave this dude Sergio a hard time.

He plays a reader looking at an issue of SCORE. He pauses on a photo of Kelly. When he looks up, twin tit-mates Kelly and Karen in lingerie are standing next to him. "Isn't this what you wished for?" Karen asks. It's what every straight dude wishes for.

Kelly's husband had no issues with strangers fucking his wife in the safe environment of the studio. They watch her scenes at home.

"He likes watching me with other guys and he likes the idea that his wife is a star," Kelly said. "We're not swingers. I do like to watch myself have sex, and every time I see myself, I can't believe it's really me."

Unmarried Karen Fisher is still going big guns in porn. It's a career for her, unlike with Kelly. There's an unusual video of Karen and Dave watching her bathtub fuck scene in SCORE Sexplosion. She seems almost embarrassed, later saying, "I've started to watch a few of my scenes, but I was like, 'This is just too weird.' I look at my layouts, but to watch the video is weird."

It was a cool experiment recording a girl watching her own XXX scene and seeing her reaction and getting her feedback. We should do it again.

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