Dolly Fox – The Fox Report

Category: Big Tits, Dolly Fox, Solo, Video | Date: 1 August 2015

The Fox Report

The Fox Report

Between photo shoots, Dolly Fox and a photographer have a "Boob Talk." They also go outside so Dolly can run around, stretch a SCORE tank-top and show her sexy legs in a micro-skirt. Back indoors, Dolly tape-measures herself.

SCORE: Dolly, what's your favorite fantasy?

Dolly: Three big-busted girls in a hot tub!

SCORE: You played with your pussy in the video. Do you masturbate at home?

Dolly: Yes, all the time.

SCORE: Do you have any interest in shooting boy-girl videos?

Dolly: For the moment no, but I would like to do a lot of girl-girl with other big bust models. They can even be girl-girl-girl and more.

SCORE: Do you have any plans to visit the United States?

Dolly: Yes, I'm planning to come to the USA in 2016. I would really like to visit the SCORE studios in Miami. I would also like to meet other big bust models. But my dream is to live in the USA!

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