Dolly Delight Duz Montego Bay

Category: Big Tits, Photo, Solo | Date: 24 September 2019

Dolly Delight Duz Montego Bay

Dolly Delight Duz Montego Bay

Despite a sex survey that claimed that Bristol, England allegedly has the smallest-breasted residents in the United Kingdom, it seems only right that Dolly Delight lives in Bristol, England. After all, "bristols" is Cockney slang for big tits. Bristol is also home to Cathy Barry, another stacked showgirl.

"When I was younger, I thought about having big boobs all the time," Dolly told us. "I actually have photographs of me putting balloons down my top and prancing about. I have pictures of me doing that, and I'm wearing a shirt that says, 'Here comes big trouble,' so it must have been from a young age that I was into them. I don't know. And now I have them, so I guess you could say I'm living a dream. They measure 34J or 32JJ, depending on the bra I wear."

Dolly's role models and inspirations include Pamela Anderson, Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera and, of course, Barbie the doll.

"I love the super-Barbie look when a girl is really thin and has really big boobs. I mean, some people say that the Barbie look is an impossible ideal, but I think I'm proof. I love the super glamour look, and I just think when you feel big boobs...really get your hands on them, it's really hot. I just love playing with big boobs, mine and other girls'. I'm a bit of a blonde girly and I don't know much about sports. I like singing, chatting, shopping and being pampered at the spa."

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