Claudia Marie – The Great Big Heavy Boob Show

Category: Big Tits, Claudia Marie, Photo, Solo | Date: 8 August 2015

The Great Big Heavy Boob Show

The Great Big Heavy Boob Show

Yesterday, Marie Leone. Today, a blonde bra-smasher many of you know now makes her debut at SCORELAND. Claudia Marie is a southern gal, born in North Carolina and raised in South Carolina. She's been a big-bust sensation for seven years.

Claudia stands only 5'2" in her bare tootsies so her huge tits look even bigger. The effect is staggering. Claudia Marie attracts equally huge attention when she's wearing a low-cut, tight top and partying in Las Vegas casinos and clubs

"I could still go bigger," says Claudia. "Never say never. These are silicone, which is why they're so soft and so jiggly, so right now, I'm going to say no, I like them at this size, but if I can ever find another set of silicone boobs that are as soft and nice, I'd consider it.

"Right now I'm happy with this. They're enough of a freak show. Do you know how hard it is to find clothes that fit these? It costs me $1,500 to have a gown custom-made to fit these. A custom bra costs me roughly $250. Jersey material is a busty girl's friend. Stretchy material."

Claudia's first pictorial and video is a getting to know her introduction. On August 22, Claudia's back to do the do with JMac. "There isn't a dick in this world that's going to scare me," says Claudia and that's a fact. "I'm a southern girl; we don't spit!"

Claudia's first SCORE magazine is the January 2016 edition. This issue also features the magazine debuts of Dolly Fox, Cathy Heaven and Alexya. Welcome to the show, Claudia Marie.

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