Bridgette B – An anal scene to remember

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An anal scene to remember

An anal scene to remember

How much anal sex does Spanish doll Bridgette B. have? This little story might give you some insight. The last time Bridgette was in our studio, back in 2015, I went into the dressing room to say hello and check out her tits. After some small talk, she said to me, "I still haven't done an anal scene for you guys."

Huh? Was that true? I didn't think it was, but I didn't want to contradict her. Besides, how could a girl forget getting ass-fucked on-camera? So I waited until I went back to my desk and checked out SCORELAND. Sure enough, there it was: Bridgette with a real live cock in her ass.

This reminded me of when Elizabeth Starr, the great porn star of the late 1990s and early 2000s, was in our studio in 2011. I told her that one of my favorite scenes was of her getting ass-fucked on top of a stack of crates in a warehouse. I mean, she really got ass-drilled every which way. But she had no recollection of it.

I realized that to porn stars like Bridgette and Elizabeth, getting ass-fucked is as memorable as having lunch. Yeah, it might be a good lunch, but how long are you going to remember it when you have lunch every day? I don't think Bridgette and Elizabeth were having blond moments when they failed to recall those scenes.

Anyway, this is the scene in which Bridgette gets fucked in her tight little ass. It opens with Bridgette dancing in a funky underground nightclub. She has a chain around her neck. She's dressed like a co-ed stripper with a chain around her neck. Before long, she's sucking cock and fucking. Then she's taking it up the ass, then she's sucking the cock that just came out of her ass.

She forgot that? Exactly how much ass-to-mouth does this girl do?

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