Annellise Croft – Annnellise Croft and her amazing nipples

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Annnellise Croft and her amazing nipples

Annnellise Croft and her amazing nipples

Annellise Croft is one of my favorite ladies. She has great tits with pointy nipples, a smokin' body, blond hair and a great personality. She's really one of the nicest, most-modest models I've ever met. She's always smiling. Annellise, who was born in England and lives in Nashville, Tennessee, was 49 years old when she first shot for us

"I'm just a little bit shy until I get to know somebody," she said. And then she got to know one of our porn studs by sucking his cock and fucking him. Since then, she's gone on to get ass-fucked on-camera. Here, she's showing us her body. More will come later.

I asked her about her boobs.

"Nice, aren't they?" she said.

They're 36DDDs and topped by long, thick, always-hard nipples. I've seen a lot of nipples, and Annellise's are among the best. And get this: There are times when Annellise goes out wearing a sheer, white top with no bra. The thought of that just boggles the mind.

"I like long, passionate kissing," said Annellise, who's divorced. "I like my nipples to be kissed and sucked. I like them played with."

By the way, Annellise is a mother of one and a grandmother of three. She really is a busty super MILF.

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