Terry Nova – Taken In The Cellar

Category: Big Tits, Blowjob, Cumshot, Mixed, Terry Nova, XXX | Date: 13 March 2014

Taken In The Cellar

Taken In The Cellar

One of the great Czechs who became a regular SCORE and V-Girl, Terry Nova traveled to Hungary to co-star with Christy Marks, Karina Hart and other busty goddesses in the feature movie Busty Riding Academy. In my opinion, considering the location and the cast, this is the biggest movie SCORE's made to date.

Here's the basic story behind this scene: Wandering alone around the Busty Riding Academy in Hungary, Terry Nova is curious about one of the old buildings. She makes her way down the stairs and turns the corner when she hears a noise. She spies on Carlos, the stable hand, stealing wine from the cellar of his boss, Lord Chandler. Carlos turns to leave and walks right into Terry.

Terry doesn't want to tell on him. She wants him to fuck her with all of his riding skills. Her tits dangle while she lovingly sucks his dick and licks his man-bag. They fuck against the brick wall of the ancient wine cellar, Carlos drilling her hard from behind. Terry sits on his lap and bounces on his meat missile until his payload launches like a Titan rocket.

The moral of this chapter is: hanging around dark cellars can have its advantages when Terry Nova is watching you.

Later on in Busty Riding Academy, a movie I always recommend on my SCORE DVD buy list, Terry and Christy team up to fuck Carlos and Lord Chandler (played by Eric Swiss) outside the horse stable. Now, that's making hay. This is how the term "making hay" began. But that's another story.

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