SaRenna Lee – SaRenna Licks Lipps

Category: Big Tits, Girl Girl, Lesbian, Photo, SaRenna Lee | Date: 14 February 2014

SaRenna Licks Lipps

SaRenna Licks Lipps

Boob Heaven. It's where you get to watch two of the most phenomenal tit princesses ever to walk the earth, do each other. Gentlemen, put your hands together and stand to attention for Miss SaRenna Lee and Miss Lisa Lipps. Shot on the West Coast in 1996, this session was smouldering in the SCORE vaults until our dedicated skinhounds had finally jacked themselves senseless. When you look at this set, you'll see why. SaRenna and Lisa were actually an item for several months, and our favorite mammazons masticate each others' muffs and nibble their nipples with an enthusiasm that's 110% boner-fide. When you see Lipps lick Lee 'n' vice versa, your pecker may never obey you again. Call in sick: the boss'll understand when you tell him you're beating off to these two...

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