Puma Swede – Swedish SCORE Girl’s Hard Time

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Swedish SCORE Girl's Hard Time

Swedish SCORE Girl's Hard Time

When Puma Swede posed for SCORE magazine in 2003, she was only agreeable to topless. She would not show her pussy let alone spread. The photographer did capture a couple of long shots of the Pumagina, one from a low angle. At the time, Puma was on a tour of the USA and visited studios and photographers more into glamour and topless. The photos eventually were published in the Holiday '04 issue.

In January of 2005, I was assigned to manage the SCORE booth at the annual Adult Entertainment Expo which in those years was a madhouse packed with horny visitors. (The economic meltdown of 2008 hurt many of these shows for several years. Attendance plummeted.) SCORE had a great line-up of girls promoting the company and while I was standing by the booth, I recognized Puma who was handing out flyers about herself. I invited Puma into the booth and took some photos of her with Crystal Gunns, Vixen LaMoore and Mercedes Mounds. The photos are still archived at SCORELAND.

I told Puma that if she ever changed her mind about doing stronger modeling including hardcore to call us. I figured that she was at the adult video convention for a reason. Otherwise, she would have been at one of the mild soft-core expos such as Glamourcon, not AEE where the average poster was of a porn star sucking a guy's scrotum. She eventually did call and this scene was Puma's first SCORE hardcore.

Puma turned out to be a wilder girl than she had ever led on and it also turned out that she had a filthy mouth in her normal way of speaking. She talked about her first time at SCORE. "There was no pussy! They asked me to spread and I was like, 'I don't do spreads,' and my legs stayed closed for the rest of the shoot. When I started modeling, I didn't mind doing spreads, but then the agent I had said, 'You should go for Playboy,' but now that I'm doing it, I'm so happy. It was all this glamour modeling. But I tried it, and I made it over here twice on a tour. No pussy! I did bikini modeling, then I did nudes, then I said maybe I'll do spreads, then they gave me a toy, then they gave me a girl, and then guys. So that's the story. Now I'm fucking guys on-camera."

I have a theory that the most outwardly reserved girls are secretly the most cock-obsessed until the restraints in them break and they go wild. I've seen this in very religious girls.

About her first SCORE scene, Puma summed it up. "He was probably about nine inches and thick. It was big and thick. It was almost too long because it felt like it was hitting my stomach, but it was good. I liked it."

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