Miranda – Mamma-mia, that’s a spicy dish!

Category: Big Tits, Miranda, Mixed, XXX | Date: 5 March 2014

Mamma-mia, that's a spicy dish!

Mamma-mia, that's a spicy dish!

Miranda is from Italy. She's the only Italian who's ever been to the SCORE Studio. I know a long-time V-mag fan in Italy who tells me that busty Italian models are ultra-rare, especially in hardcore. He's also a photographer, and he's never been able to find any Italian girls as busty as the Voluptuous models. So Miranda is a special one. When Dave and I first interviewed her on video, we were impressed by her H-cup boobs and her personality. I loved her accent. She said she could give a guy a two-hour blow job if she wanted to because she studied Tantric yoga, a kind of sexual yoga.

Miranda had her own opinions about America after living here on and off for over five years.

"The women in America really don't cook a lot," she said. "They don't clean their houses. They're more spoiled."

Italian men took a hit, too.

"Everyone thinks Italians are Latin lovers, but I think they're fake, like actors. American men are more honest. If they want to fuck you, they say they want to fuck you. I like that. Italian men won't just say it. They want to fuck you, but they have to say, 'Oh, I love you, you are so beautiful,' and other crap. I like the American way much better. I don't like the bullshit. It's better when a man is direct. The Italian men treat you good, but then they stop. The American men, they say what they mean. They say, 'I wanna fuck you' if they wanna fuck you. Italian men don't wanna say that. They wanna do it, but they don't say it. American men are the best lovers. They're more dirty and more fun."

Miranda shows how she gets a dirty boy's cock clean with her tongue before fucking him hard. First, she puts on a hot little show in bed. It's a come-fuck-me solo before he joins her. Once he's in the picture, she knows how to use her tits on him, that's for sure.

I've always thought Miranda was good wifey material, and watching this scene again reminded me of that opinion.

Last year, I got an email from Miranda that she was interested in coming back. She said she was now a permanent resident of the USA. It would be nice if Miranda did return for more videos, but you never know with former models. If it happens, sweet. If not, then there are still those great mammaries to remember.

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