Lorna Morgan – In fully belly-bump bloom

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In fully belly-bump bloom

In fully belly-bump bloom

Models never fail to surprise me. When Lorna Morgan became pregnant for the second time in 2008, this time with twins, she posed in London. Now, the hottest Lorna had ever gone was pink spreads. No toys, no fingers inside her. Guys? No, never. So I never thought she would pose pregnant. I was wrong.

As a self-respecting editor, I just had to contact Lorna directly and talk to her about it. Second-hand info would not do. I still have over four pages of interview from that conversation in April 2008. Here's some of it.

You posed three-months pregnant for a set that ran in February '06 SCORE, but no further after that. What prompted you to pose a second time and this time so visibly pregnant?
"When I was pregnant with my son Leo, I was so worried about what my fans may make of it. Up until then, I was just a model, and fantasies of a model, a single girl, are not difficult to have. I imagined that becoming a mother might put off a lot of my new fans and maybe some of my loyal fans. I wasn't certain how I felt about it, and I wasn't convinced that modeling nude when so obviously pregnant would be taken well by my family. It's a very private a thing to do. I had to think of my family and what they might think. I guess second time around, I wasn't so worried and I had already been given the title of Mummy for two years, so I felt more confident about it.

What pros and cons entered your mind about posing so fully pregnant compared to the first time at three months?
"The tiredness is overwhelming at times. At three months pregnant with Leo, I felt full of energy, and the second trimester are the glowing, glorious months, so I really enjoyed modeling. During this pregnancy, I felt like I missed the second trimester completely and WENT from the first straight to the third. Having no waist does limit poses and there are times especially towards the end of the day when my belly gets really heavy and I just want to lie down. On the positive side, it was fun because I was working with people who knew me and we were careful not to overdo it, and also my belly was getting a lot of attention, which is a huge change for me. It's normally all about the boobs!"

What is your current bustline measurement? And what physical changes have you detected in your breasts since pregnancy back in 2006 and also now?
"I am currently wearing a 32K bra. I think my boobs got a little bigger after my first pregnancy, and even though they did go back down, they never went back to the same size. Apart from that, they were fine, I was lucky I didn't get any stretch marks."

How long did it take you to decide to pose pregnant the second time?
"I mulled it over for a while. I knew I wanted some photographs taken. I had some taken heavily pregnant with Leo, some nice arty shots just for me. I decided that it might be nice to do something like that for my fans but obviously a little sexier. Once I knew I was expecting twins at my 12-week scan, I thought I better get a move on because I am going to get big fast. My sister, who also has twins, was huge overnight, so I had to get going!"

What would you like to say to SCORE and V-Mag fans?
"I just love to model for you guys, so I really hope you enjoy looking at me in these pictures. This is a unique and special time in my life and I just wanted to share it with you all, so please don't hesitate in letting everyone know what you think and write to the magazines and to me. Please don't forget me."

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