Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Window Dressing

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Window Dressing

Window Dressing

"Or rather, undressing! I need to tell you in advance, this was not exactly what we had planned on this week. Usually, the guys come over to the flat, or we go to the studio, or I get to travel somewhere to do a shoot, like when I travel and hang with the boys over in Miami. Well, this was originally going to be pics with me at a friend's flat, but I'd forgotten the key! Nothing to do but call it a day, right? No, silly, of course not. We strapped up all our things and went to one of the guys' flats. When we saw he was up on the seventh story, and his living room window was right across the alley from another tenant's, we decided to get a bit randy right in front of the window.

"When we looked through the blinds and saw that somebody was home and walking around, we snapped the flash a few times, hoping whoever was across the way would notice. How could anybody not? Those big flashes look like lightning when they pop. When I was sure I had an audience, it was time to open the blinds a bit more, and start to be an absolute tease!

"Now, perhaps it wasn't the nicest thing in the world to pull up a chair and get starkers on it, but it's not like I was out on a date with the bloke or anything. In fact, it shouldn't really be considered teasing at all, more like a girl dancing in front of you at a club. Hmmmm...well, the guys thought it was a tease too, so maybe it was.

"You know what the most exciting part about the whole thing was? We had absolutely no idea who the gent was who was watching me strip and fondle my boobs. Even Ray, whose flat we were in, didn't know his neighbor across the way. All we knew was that he'd pulled up a chair of his own, and even though I couldn't see him below the waist, I could pretty much tell what he was doing over there.

"At one point, I was really getting into it, and wanted to look over there and blow the poor boy a kiss, but the guys wouldn't hear of it! They wanted me to pretend he wasn't there at all! That was tough, because I was dying to take a peek and see what he was up to. That's when Ray started giving us all an account of what our voyeur friend was doing.

"That was tremendously erotic. I was showing off for a mate I didn't know, desperate to know if he was masturbating to my image in the window, while fingering my wet spot like a teenage girl! I was unbelievably aroused. Every few minutes, Ray would say something like, ' Hold your boobs together again, he's pounding away at his fist, he is! ' and I would just feel a gush down between my thighs.

"Too bad he can't get a look at your bottom, gal, ' Ray said, and I thought to myself, why not? So, I tossed my legs over the back of the chair, got my bum situated and leaned all the way back for my secret admirer.

"The blood rushing to my head and my fingers stroking away at my pussy made me cum so fast I had to just lay there with my boobs resting on my chin, trying to catch my breath! According to Ray, I didn't quite beat my watcher to cumming, but that was okay.

"When we finished snapping the last pic, I couldn't help myself. I got down on one side of the window and peeked across the alley. Look, I said to Ray. He's wiping the window to get a better view. I had to wait for Ray to stop laughing before gathering myself to put my top back on.

"Linsey, ' he told me. ' That's not exactly Windex he's using! '

"Oops! Well, in the very least, I'm sure Ray has one very satisfied neighbor. I know I was satisfied when we were finished!"

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