Linsey Dawn McKenzie – How To Break A Bed

Category: Big Tits, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Photo, Solo | Date: 13 January 2014

How To Break A Bed

How To Break A Bed

Last week, LDM wanted to know your favorite videos of 2003. Here are several member replies to her question.
Linsey sez: "Thanks for letting me know how you feel about my videos! I worked hard on them. They are only on my site."

Olly: "My two favourites would have to be Linsey in the Matrixxx and Leopard Linsey. As if looking at those amazing breasts weren't enough, when Linsey really gets into character and tells us in delicious detail what we've got to do with ourselves (operating the mouse with the left hand by now) to show our appreciation of her, that's more than enough to have the appreciation gushing forth. "The tits are here, your sperm must appear" says Queen Linsey. Amen to that."

Ricky: "The best video of 2003 is absolutly Leopard Linsey, she is so beautiful, and sexy in this video. I'm a member of LinseysWorld for ever!! Linsey Rules!!"

David: "My favorite video was the newest one, Working At The Car Wash.I did not think I would change my mind from my previous favorite (Brabusting British Style) but the car wash video was enough to make a guy go for the hot wax! All I can say is wow, keep up the awesome work - wonderful site!"
Dil: "Your monthly videos started off well but got better and better. So much so that I have to nominate Car Wash as your best yet. Keep this up and I'll probably have a cardiac arrest by the time we get a couple of months into 2004!"

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