Karina Hart – Karina’s Bra Show

Category: Big Tits, Karina Hart, Solo, Video | Date: 11 February 2014

Karina's Bra Show

Karina's Bra Show

Here, we get to see one of our favorite things: a super-busty chick trying on bras. Karina Hart is always looking for bras to stuff her HH-cup tits into, and she's usually not successful. "I like pretty bras, but they are hard to find," she said. "I only own two bras right now, a white one and a black one. The stores don't sell bras in my size. When I do find some in my size, they have a bad cut and don't look good. So I didn't buy a new bra for about a year, and the bra I wear is about two sizes smaller than my real size. I'm really frustrated because of it. So if you know about a store where they have bras with big cups which don't look like they are for grannies, please let me know. I would be extremely happy." Listen, guys, you want to make Karina happy. Because if you make her happy, she'll make you happy.

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