Annie Swanson – The Annie Swanson Special, Part 1

Category: Annie Swanson, Big Tits, Mixed, Solo | Date: 3 March 2014

The Annie Swanson Special, Part 1

The Annie Swanson Special, Part 1

At the height of her modeling career, Annie Swanson and company drove to Miami Beach for a SCORELAND Special. This was one of the last times a V-mag Girl bounced around the area reality-style. On the way to the beach, Annie was sitting in the back seat of the van with unshaded windows, and she masturbated. Fortunately, that went okay. Once at the beach, Annie found a deserted section several miles away from any busybodies and took off her top to play in the surf.

That day, she also went to a lingerie store called Lace To Lust (where she tried on horny girl outfits), a park and an amusement park where she rode those little boats in a tank of water.

For those who don't know Annie, she was a reader's girlfriend. She found her boyfriend's stash of V-mags hidden in the bathroom--true story. Instead of getting angry, she flipped through them. Then Annie actually wrote to us and told us she had what it takes to be in V-mag. She sent over some at-home shots, and her boobs and overall cuteness factor led to flight and hotel reservations.

That year (2002) was one of V-mag's biggest years for great discoveries. Dave will confirm this. Not long after that, Annie was busting out of her bra and panties. I liked her. She was a good kid. She didn't fit into the commercial porn factories, so it's just as well that she didn't go to California but was a regular at TSG instead. I think my favorite Annie show is B.L.O.W. (Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling), which was shot almost a year after this.

Today, Annie is retired and happy, raising a family...and the boyfriend is now her husband.

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