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Category: Alexia Moore, Big Tits, Mixed, Solo | Date: 7 January 2014

Private Stuffer

Private Stuffer

The first time I met Alexia Moore and her breast friend Danielle Derek was in 2005, and I've been wracking my brain trying to remember if I thought, at first sight, that Danielle was going to become the big-time, ass-fucked, raunch porn star that she would become. I remember her being very horny that first time and talking about how much she loved big tits and big cocks, but I guess I couldn't have imagined she'd go on to become a superstar.

Alexia Moore, on the other hand...I had a pretty good idea about her. Danielle liked to be licked and fucked everywhere. Alexia prefered being licked and fucked in her ass. That's right, her ass. And although I remember Danielle being a lot hornier than Alexia, at least outwardly, I just took a look at my interview with the two girls, and this is what I heard:

SCORE: What do guys like to do with you, Alexia?

Alexia: Well, a lot of guys pick me up, and they think they can throw me around the bed, which is good. It adds to the excitement. It's better than getting stuck in the same position. Guys get really creative with us. Every second they're like, "Let's try this position," or "Let's try that."

Danielle: And they do it because we're smaller girls.

Alexia: We're so tiny, we can be moved at weird angles.

SCORE: You girls are like an amusement park!

Alexia: Yeah, that's it! I like that!

Danielle: We're very flexible.

Very flexible. Like an amusement park. I'd have loved to have gone on Alexia's ride, and if she said to me, "Dave, you can fuck me, but only in my ass," I would've said fine. And I wouldn't have even tried to sneak it into her pussy.

That would be very ungentlemanly.

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