Stephanie Stalls – Stephanie Stalls’ First Fuck

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Stephanie Stalls' First Fuck

Stephanie Stalls' First Fuck

This is Stephanie's third fuck scene at SCORELAND2. We're always happy and proud to have her because Stephanie fucks so well and yet she has only done it on-camera for SCORE. This is a great thing. Stephanie is a horny, sexy, big-titted feature dancer who could easily pad her resume by fucking on-camera all over the fucking place, but she doesn't. She fucks only for us because she likes us and trusts us. That's a big thing for a lot of girls.

Stephanie is the type of girl who appeals to a lot of guys. She's been a blonde and a brunette. She's short 'n' stacked. She's a man's lady in that she can throw back a beer and play a round of darts with the best of them. She takes a lot of pride in her dancing.

"I'm part Cherokee, Irish and Scottish," she said. "For my Indian princess show, I also have a stuffed coyote that I put on stage. It's been through a taxidermist. It looks like it's howling at the moon. And in the background I have a white circle, and when we shine a light behind it, it looks like the moon. And I have two snakes that I dance with. One is a ball python and one's a boa constrictor. That's my favorite show. I have a burlesque show, too."

What you're about to see was Stephanie's first hardcore scene. She gets her boobs creamed, then she demands, "Massage my pussy." That's advanced dialogue for a porno newbie. He eats her pussy. She sucks his cock and makes popping, sucking sounds as her mouth works the rod. That's also advanced stuff. Stephanie gets fucked hard and fucks hard. "Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!" she moans, getting that dick as deep as possible into her pussy. Her stripper skills give her fuck-stamina and flexible legs and ankles. The more she fucks, the more fucking she wants.

And that's why I love Stephanie Stalls.

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