Noelle Easton – Boinking The Big Boobed Bikini Girl

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Boinking The Big Boobed Bikini Girl

Boinking The Big Boobed Bikini Girl

After hitting her 18th birthday, Noelle Easton became an exotic dancer a month later and stripped on stage for six months. Imagine that. Her naturally stacked body is fantastic. If you saw Noelle's bikini and lingerie modeling video ("The Hot Chick"), it's obvious that she needs to just wear ridiculously small swimsuits or tight tank-tops and booty shorts or nothing at all.

Noelle's from Tennessee so you probably have heard the standard pick-up line guys always pitch to her. "I'm very country but I try to hide that a little bit on film," says Noelle. She doesn't really need to because Noelle sounds like she could be from most areas of the USA. "I don't want to sound like a redneck. When I get around my friends and family, the redneck comes out. But I do a lot of country stuff like four- wheeling, mudding, dirt bikes and horses."

Noelle is still 18 in this second of two hardcore SCORELAND scenes. We'd have to research to see what other SCORE or V-Girls were 18 when they did their first hardcore scene with a guy. (Christy Marks was 19; Kali West, Lana Ivans and Julie Miles were 20.) Miss Easton turns the ripe old age (just kidding, Noelle) of 19 on December 17th.

For Noelle, doing the wild thing with hard-men and posing in her birthday suit is not just a quick fling for bling or a personal fantasy as it is with so many girls. "I definitely want to make a career out of porn, but I also have bigger goals than that, and my biggest goal is to go to school to become a veterinarian and open up my own rescue shelter."

Does Noelle watch her hardcore videos and examine her photos? "I have, but I don't really, like, masturbate to it, I just kind of critique myself. It's good to see how you look and see if you need to change anything. I can get ideas about what to do that will make everything better. I definitely feel like I need to be more vocal in my movies. I started out having a real hard time with it because I was real shy. I didn't know what to do, and now I've gotten a lot better, but, you know, there's still room for improvement."

You are witness to Noelle's self-improvement exercises as you watch her in "Boinking The Big Boobed Bikini Girl."

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