Michelle Bond – Wife of a SCORELAND Member

Category: Big Tits, Michelle Bond, Mixed, Solo | Date: 29 November 2013

Wife of a SCORELAND Member

Wife of a SCORELAND Member

One of the biggest-chested newcomers in recent years, Elaina Gregory has 34N-cup tits. Yes, that's no typo. 34-N and natural big boobs. Elaina found us. We didn't find her.

Girls like Elaina are almost impossible to find because they're not looking for professional careers. They're not public people. They're posing naked for a fling and for a life experience. They're fulfilling a fantasy.

Elaina's not a dancer, a nudist, a swinger, or even a bathroom mirror model posting smartphone photos on a social network site for kicks. Elaina is an Army veteran and was brought up as a nice Catholic girl by a strict family.

Her husband, also an Army vet, is a SCORELAND subscriber. Elaina was inspired to pose by him.

"He began to realize that I enjoyed having my picture taken in the bedroom so he told me that I could have fun and make good money by coming to pose for you guys," Elaina told us. "So, he told me that maybe I should check you guys out online and I did. I liked what I saw and then I called you guys. I figured that it might be nice to get away from being a housewife for a few days and come here to shoot. And I was right. It is a lot of fun! "

So much fun that she came back. Elaina even did a Tits & Tugs scene with a total stranger. Now that's a liberal husband. Props to him. Letting a stranger pop his nuts all over his wife's incredible tits after she jerks him and tit-fucks him. That's generosity.

I was sorry to recently learn from her that Elaina retired from modeling. "I had my fun and it was great. I loved seeing my sets in Voluptuous magazine and seeing the videos on DVDs. I was pretty good, wasn't I?"

More than pretty good. A pair of the greatest tits I will never forget. They make me want to think deep thoughts every time I look at them.

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