Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Ultimate Linsey

Category: Big Tits, Blowjob, Cumshot, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Photo, XXX | Date: 1 July 2013

Ultimate Linsey

Ultimate Linsey

"Finally, I popped my cherry for the camera! I love sex, and like to have it all the time. I just hadn't done it with people around taking pictures before. Still, I never expected the day to come this soon. I've always taken my time with what I've done; my acting lessons, my modeling career, my web site...everything. I thought that I'd eventually show what everybody wanted to see, but that maybe it would happen a few years down the road. Truthfully, I'm a little scared about what it really means for my career. Will the guys still want to keep seeing me now, after I've done hardcore? Will this hurt me or help me gain new fans? I really don't know."

"My shoot day did start out terribly, though, because I was so nervous. After all, this was everything, you know? My whole career on the line, and I was still going to go through with it. I did have butterflies in my stomach, thinking about it for the first time on camera. This isn't like shagging in your flat, you know - people are watching! And then there was the worrying about, well, you know - how well one looks doing it. sometimes having sex doesn't make for the most attractive facial expresions. You've got to be on top form in the video. You've got to be bonking for hours. And it's difficult. Especially when you want to have an orgasm because I find that when I have an orgasm, it's all over at that point. My legs get all rubbery and I get this heart race thing and I find it hard to continue after that.You get all sweaty and worked up and you stop paying attention to the cameras because you're so wrapped up in the sex, so who knows how you're going to look? It's very intimidating. After a while, a lot of that melted away, because I absolutely love to fuck and give a good blowjob. Once we started, I got really, really into it.Yes, I had an orgasm."

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