Linsey Dawn McKenzie – In The Crib

Category: Big Tits, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Photo, Solo | Date: 18 August 2013

In The Crib

In The Crib

As a child, Linsey felt strongly that she would be famous one day. She would have premonitions of her fame. "I knew I was going to be something," she told a newspaper reporter when she was sweet 16 and had just broken out into the British tabs. "I used to make up little plays and I was always dreaming about being a famous singer or a movie star. I quickly realized I couldn't do a normal job because I cannot stand working. I used to work for 3.40 an hour in a mailing house and I hated it. All I did all day was stuff things into envelopes. It was so boring." That mailing house owner's loss is mankind's gain. Stuffing and breaking bras in front of the camera is what's important.

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