Linsey Dawn McKenzie – From Every Angle

Category: Big Tits, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Photo, Solo | Date: 25 July 2013

From Every Angle

From Every Angle

"Let it not be said that John Fox doesn't get involved in the photos of me that we upload for the site. John came up with the idea to do something special for all you boob hounds out there, something that would showcase my most noticeable feature, and in new and interesting ways. Hence, the "From Every Angle," idea.

John suggested this to Chloe, (whose site is looking fabulous, as well these days) and she absolutely fell in love with the idea. I think the only person who wasn't absolutely thrilled was poor Peter, who Chloe told me got quite the workout shooting pics like these for her site. I can't imagine that if you're a fan of mine that you haven't seen Chloe in some of the same magazines, or in either of our girl-girl shoots together. Chloe's just fantastic to work with; maybe we'll have to do another some time. I think if you get the chance, you should definitely compare our two "From All Angles" sets. Chloe's site is as easy to find as Then, you can decide which one put poor Peter through the wringer more! The poor darling was rolling around on his back, trying to get just the right angle, he had to keep moving his lights so that my boobs didn't cast such a shadow that he was in the dark, all sorts of difficult, technical things like that. Not to mention having to lug his camera up onto the ladder, test a shot, see how it came out, change cameras, take more pictures, etc. I've said it before, it's never all fun and games doing a shoot. But this time, I do think I had the much easier time of it!

The shots, though, really justified all that work. For all the pictorials I've ever done, I think there are shots here in this week's upload that have never been taken of me before. I'm particularly fond of jpeg number 12, that one came out very nice. And, jpeg number 20 was also pretty interesting. It makes me wonder what it would look like if I ever tried one of those gravity-boot things I see at the gym where I work out. I think it'd be great fun to strap on those boots and get hung upside down, but there's the rather unappealing threat of suffocating myself! You know, the WonderBra is very effective, but at my size, there's not too much this side of steel mesh that's going to keep my boobs in place if I'm swinging upside down. You should see what happens when I go to an amusement park! Once the log flume and water rides have left me in a wet tee shirt, some of those rides that spin you round about and upside down and all this way and that can really make my chest sore.

"Luckily, though, I don't think I'll ever have trouble finding a cute guy to give me a good chest massage if I need one! Let me know what you think of the pics, guys, I'd love to hear what your favorites are, and why."

Take care,


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