Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Bras Galore

Category: Big Tits, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Photo, Solo | Date: 29 June 2013

Bras Galore

Bras Galore

"Don't you think that sometimes, a woman looks sexier wearing something than completely naked? I do. I think it adds a little something mysterious, especially when you're anxious to see what's underneath what a gal is wearing. That might explain all the letters and e-mails I get about my bras. Sure, people always want to see if they can get one, but also they want to see me wearing one. Or, like today, wearing several different ones.

"A few months ago, I went bra shopping and got a few splendid new bras, which, let me tell you, are quite difficult to find. That's why most of my bras are custom made, by the same woman who sews them for the Queen. But, even though I don't often find anything in stores, I love shopping for bras! Every bra is different, no matter what the design. And, it doesn't always matter what the tag says, either, because different gals look different in the same bra.

"I love the way that I look on the first page of pics, in that cute bra with the gold, lacy pattern. That's a bra I wear out often because it doesn't do what the white bra in pictures 13 to 21 does. That white one is one a gal wears out to a club because it makes me look huge! It gives a little more lift and a bit more squeeze (like a good, strong pair of hands!), and it just looks like I'm about to pop right out of it. Actually, if I do wear that out to a club, I have to wear a skin-tight dress, as well, or else there's a very good chance I will pop out. It's happened before, and not just with this bra, but this one increases the odds a bit, you know?

"The bra I've got on in picture 22 looks so much like a bikini top that I actually wore it down to the beach when I was on holiday recently. It's actually far less revealing than some of the tops women were wearing, and there are topless beaches there anyway, so who was really going to say anything or notice? Funny how in some places you can get in trouble for wearing a bra out and about and some places you can walk around without a stitch covering your nips and nobody pays any attention. Needless to say, I don't often go topless on many beaches unless it's private, because people always gather 'round when I do, and as nice as they are, you can just never get a tan in a crowd.

"The bra I'm wearing in picture 33 was an absolute mistake. I bought two bras at the same time, and they should have been the same size, but like I said, no two bras are the same. I was so happy to find one that fit me that I bought another in the same size, but as you can see, it would barely close! Putting that bra on feels like putting on the bra I wore in high school when my boobs first started growing really big. You just can't stuff 36HHH boobs into anything designed for 38DD, don't let anyone fool you. Well, except maybe into a man's hands, right gals? At any rate, as most men would like to know, it was terribly easy to get out of - all I had to do was bend over and I just spilled out right over the top of those tiny DD cups.

"The blue shiny one fits me quite well - definitely a keeper. I only wish it were available in black. Had I been able to get more, I would have snapped them up in a second, one in every color. A shiny red one like this would have gone perfectly with this devil-red pair of thong panties I have. Now that would have been a sexy match! I'll have to keep looking, though, because I need to find something to wear with those little, red thong panties, right?

"Okay, so which one do you like best? Which one turns you on the most? I don't want to taint anybody's choice, so I'm not going to say right now, but e-mail me and tell me what you think. This way when I'm out shopping again, I can keep in mind what you guys want to see me in.

"When I'm wearing something, that is!"

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