Lillian Faye – Lillian Faye’s titz spritz

Category: Big Tits, Lillian Faye, Mixed, Solo | Date: 27 August 2013

Lillian Faye's titz spritz

Lillian Faye's titz spritz

Elliot once wrote, "If you saw Lillian Faye biking or in a Seattle park on a Sunday afternoon, you'd never guess that she's a masturbating web-cam model and that her layouts have been published in SCORE."

Elliot is absolutely, 100% correct about this. The first time I saw Lillian, in 2008, she was walking into The SCORE Group building. I thought she was a new hire. Then I looked closer and realized she had really big tits. When a girl is as slim as Lillian, sometimes you have to look a little closer to realize how stacked she is. Lillian has F-cup naturals and a 26-inch waist.

"On the outside I appear more passive but I love to tease a guy until he can't take it anymore and makes his move," Lillian said.

Another guy, a SCORELAND member named Dan, picked up on what Elliot said. He wrote, "Lillian looks and sounds like the sweet girl-next-door that your mother is so happy you are dating and that your friends are jealous/mad about because when the parents aren't around, she is fucking you blind so you have no time for them."

This is also absolutely, 100% correct.

Lillian has great tits and the girl-next-door look, and she also has big pussy lips. In this video, Lillian takes a shower then she gets down and opens up her pussy curtains for all the world to see. This is the kind of thing most girls next door don't do, and it's part of the reason Lillian is so special--she's nice but naughty.

Yeah, there are times when Lillian covers up, but sometimes she dresses to get a reaction. "I like to catch guys looking at me out of the corner of their eyes," she said. "One time, a guy and a girl walked past me, and his head turned to stare at me. I saw that his girl yelled at him about that and she really gave it to him. I thought she was going to hit him! I'm sorry when that happens, but part of me kinda likes it!"

And that's why she's a SCORE Girl.

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