Lilith – American Geisha

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American Geisha

American Geisha

I've lost the exact count of Lilith's numerous appearances in Voluptuous since 2001. It's something like 20 magazines and over 10 DVDs. She was house-dancing in a club in St. Louis, Missouri (I forgot the name) when SCORE Girl Exotica did a feature show there. Exotica told her about SCORE (because she couldn't help but notice Lilith's big boobs) and gave her the contact info.

At first, Lilith did solos. Very horny dildo solos, at that. Dave, former V-mag editor Joe Monks and I did a video interview with her between shoots, a rare multi-editor interview. Lilith told us all about herself and what she does in St. Louis.

"I was born there and spent most of my life there. I've been dancing on and off for about five years. Right now, I work in a totally nude club. We give lap dances, couch dances and hot-tub dances. Basically, it's a regular lap dance in a tub. Guys wear swim trunks and we wear our T-backs. We supply the towels and the boobs!"

Someone must have remembered that hot-tub dance talk because that's how this scene, shot years later, starts off. It was shot at a hot-sheet motel, the kind most guys take anyone who's not their wives to for an hour or two of screwing. This place had theme rooms such as Roman Empire, Tropical Jungle and the one in this scene, the Asian Room. It worked out very well. Everyone came off nicely. It's on DVD in Busty Fucks. I think it's Lilith's best fuck scene. Photographically, sex in hot tubs doesn't work well, so they bang on a replica of an Asian bridge. Yes, this fuck room had a little wooden bridge. The hotel's decorator went all out.

And yet, for all the modeling Lilith did over the years at SCORE, she never posed for any other studio, never knocked on the doors of all the other publishing and video companies. That said a lot about her. Except one time. She did model for a freelance photographer in the Mid-West, and it didn't go well. He kept asking her to jump into a swimming pool, and she kept hitting her feet on the bottom. Lilith wanted to stop but he kept insisting that she keep jumping in until he got what he wanted. She told me it was one of the most miserable experiences she ever had and never shot again for anyone else but SCORE.

Four years ago, a Voluptuous reader who calls himself Sky Chief sent me an email with a photo from the cover of an obscure men's magazine dated January 1977. On the cover was a model who was a total dead ringer for Lilith.

"I was looking for classic busty mags on EBay and ran across this," wrote Chief. "My immediate reaction was OMG! Lilith's Mom!"

Lilith was born in '77, so obviously it was not her unless she time travels or is immortal like the Highlander. Then again, you never know. She does have an Ankh tattoo on her right breast, symbol of immortality. The truth is...out there.

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