Karen Fisher – Karen Fisher watches her own fuck video

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Karen Fisher watches her own fuck video

Karen Fisher watches her own fuck video

And now for something completely different. I don't think any other studio, big boobs or not, has done this experiment except The SCORE Group. And what's that?

Before I get to what's that, let me ask you a question. Do you think most girls who have sex in porn scenes watch their videos at home or elsewhere?

That was the question TSG editors pondered. How would a girl react if she watched herself getting fucked? What would she think and say? No one had ever done this before, as far as we knew.

So when Karen Fisher, who first modeled at SCORE in October 2001, came in for a few days to shoot some hot videos, we tried an experiment. A bathtub scene was shot with Karen and a pro stud named Mikey Butders. Mikey gave Karen a hearty bang and blew his load all over her chest and neck. Mikey fucked in quite a few SCORE videos around this time before he moved to LA.

The next day, Dave interviewed Karen on-camera. But it wasn't the usual interview. Karen's fuck scene from the previous day was played on a TV set positioned next to a fully-dressed Karen, and we asked her to watch it and talk about it. This is where it got interesting.

First of all, Karen had a hard time using the word "fuck." Like "fuck" was too dirty a word to say even though she's a porn star fucking on-camera. I thought Karen was going to freak out.

"This is so weird," Karen kept repeating. "It's like embarrassing."

Not that Dave and I thought that it was embarrassing. We enjoyed seeing Miss Fisher watch the fuck-fruits of her labors.

Once she got used to seeing herself, Karen reviewed the individual moments. She liked the water. She liked what her big boobs looked like. She liked how her ass looked.

"It's embarrassing but I can't stop." Karen said as she watched Mikey's cock disappear down her throat. Then she lowered her top and watched the rest of the video topless.

What she didn't like was talking during the sex. She just wanted to "you know," still not ready to actually say "suck cock." So "you know" was Karen's way of saying the words fuck or suck.

So when Karen gets doused with cum at the climax, don't touch that stop button. Immediately following it is the video of Karen watching the video.

This got me to wondering how Karen would have looked if we filmed her watching the interview video of her watching her fuck video. Or is that a question for a quantum physicist?

We should do this again one day with Daylene Rio, Stephanie Stalls or Minka.

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