Ingrid Swenson – Ingrid Busts It Up And Breaks It Down

Category: Big Tits, Ingrid Swenson, Mixed, Solo | Date: 1 July 2013

Ingrid Busts It Up And Breaks It Down

Ingrid Busts It Up And Breaks It Down

"Men are simple," Ingrid Swenson said. "They like boobs. They like blonde hair. They like to talk about sex."

That pretty much sums it all up. All that would be left for Ingrid to do is turn her statement into a mathematical equation.

Ingrid is actually overdue for a spot on SCORELAND2. Born in Europe, Ingrid lives in South Beach, which is the trendier part of Miami Beach. I think she's very hot. I like her mature look and I think she has a great body. Her accent is sexy.

It turns out that Ingrid is married. Yes, a SCORE wife with a liberal-thinking husband.

"I was 19 years-old when I had sex for the first time," said Ingrid, who wanted to extend her horizons beyond basic monogamy. "My first man became my husband."

Ingrid lives the South Beach wife life: shopping, going to the beach, meeting girlfriends for cocktails, going to parties and all that. I can picture her walking to the beach in a bikini and high heels, one of my favorite Florida sights. I don't remember who called her a WILF first, Dave or me. That's Wife I'd Like To Fuck.

It was cool that Ingrid wanted to show her pussy and more in SCORE. One of her sexual fantasies was to be in men's magazine layouts and videos. She saw a copy of the magazine and wanted to be in it so she contacted us. Well, she got the job done.

I wonder what people would think if they knew that the blonde in a bikini walking to the beach on a sunny, hot Miami day was spreading her pussy and butthole in SCORE videos? I'd hope they'd want to sign up!

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