Hitomi – A big-boob superstar named Hitomi

Category: Big Tits, Hitomi, Mixed, Solo | Date: 31 December 2013

A big-boob superstar named Hitomi

A big-boob superstar named Hitomi

When Hitomi debuted on SCORELAND2 earlier this year, I wrote that her arrivals at SCORELAND and in SCORE magazine a few years ago were among the biggest big-boob events ever. Then Elliot wrote, "In the adult pleasure world of magazines, videos and websites, Hitomi is a huge star in Tokyo and the rest of Japan. She's almost too good to be true. She's cute and perky, like a cartoon fantasy Manga girl come to life."

And, so, there I was a few week ago, walking down Lincoln Road in South Beach with one of the greatest big-boob stars of all-time, a true superstar, as Elliot said, in Japan, and you never would have known she was a celebrity. Definitely, you would have known she was something special just by looking at her, even though she was wearing a black, loose-fitting sweater and regular jeans (tight jeans, but nothing that screamed to the world, "Look at me!"). And any boob hound, me included, could tell that she was stacked (although I'm not sure even a guy with the best boob radar would have guessed that there were J-cup naturals under that petite girl's sweater). And a lot of guys were checking her out. But Hitomi wasn't acting like she was a celebrity or a superstar or anything special. She was just behaving like what she really is: a regular girl.

My evening with Hitomi started at an upscale burger joint (Hitomi is a big meat-eater--yeah, I know, we wish--and devoured a steak while ignoring her salad) and ended with Hitomi and the other three people in our group inhaling a huge carrot cake that she had marveled at when it arrived at our table.

The waiters doted on her. The store clerks in Victoria's Secret decided against approaching her when they realized they didn't have a single bra in the store that could come close to fitting her. Hitomi picked up the beat whenever we passed a club or a bar that was placing dance music. She asked questions of the other people in our group (and I even caught her checking out one of them, a woman, smiling).

That's Hitomi. The video you're about to see is Hitomi. She really is your dream girl.

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