Chloe Vevrier – School Girl

Category: Big Tits, Chloe Vevrier, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 2 July 2013

School Girl

School Girl

In keeping with all the different "fantasy" requests that Chloesworld members were able to submit, one of the most requested was of me in a school girl outfit. This layout goes out to faithful member Ralfus who along with others made this request. Thank you Ralfus for being part of my website. I have spent the past three weeks working with everyone here in Chloesworld, and I will be flying home to Germany tomorrow. I made many new friends here, and I am hurrying to write this, because I have one of the web designers waiting to show me more of wonderful Miami, and especially, South Beach. E. and his girlfriend L. have been kind enough to show me around and to take the time to spend evenings with me. My visit to Miami was very busy and in the next months you will see the fruits of my hard work. I know that you will enjoy every shot. I find posing for my fans very erotic. And even after all these years of posing, I still get excited knowing the effect each shot has on my fans. As an average normal person, when I walk through The Score Group offices and see all the webbies and editors and creative people working on their computer screens with naked women everywhere, I find it hard to imagine them getting any work done. I have walked around the offices with only the skimpiest negligee, with all the employees in the lounge and no one seemed at all fazed. At least, as far as I noticed, everyone looked cool. Back to this set; when our photographer was ready to shoot this photo set, I did complain at the messiness of the bedroom scene. I am a very neat Virgo, and it did offend my sensibilities. Never did my bedroom look like this when I was young. But I understand that this is how an American teenager's room looks like. So, to make it more "authentic" I agreed to the setting. But as I was shooting this set, I was giggling to myself and wondering if there were many schoolgirls with boobs like mine. I was a late bloomer and by breasts started to grow when I was fifteen. I know that it was then that I had a lot of attention from boys who the year before made fun of me. If only they could see me now. Would they not be envious? All I know is that when I go back to visit my family and look through all my school photos, I don't see any photos which look like today's layout. So enjoy these photos everyone, especially you, dear Ralfus... Ciao! Chloe

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