Autumn-Jade – Genitals Prefer Autumn

Category: Autumn Jade, Big Ass, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 25 August 2013

Genitals Prefer Autumn

Genitals Prefer Autumn

Imagine Marilyn Monroe with a dildo. Yo, wait a minute! You mean you don't know Marilyn Monroe? Well, you know Autumn-Jade, Jack, and you know you're here to get a funky hunk of spunk-busting boob action. So on with the show! Autumn is a huge fan of Marilyn: she collects books about her, pictures of her and has all her movies on tape or DVD. This was one shoot Autumn-Jade really wanted to do -- and wow, she delivers! Miss A-J evokes the Hollywood sex goddess in a set so torrid she nearly set the studio on fire. Y'see, it's that friction thing Autumn gets going when she works the plastic pecker into her world-class quim. So don't get the idea this is some foo-foo excuse for the meat-beating extravaganzas you expect from our Miss Autumn. Nossirrreeee. This is a one hundred per cent stone-to-the-bone striptease and dildorama from America's favorite -- your favorite -- Autumn-Jade. Give the lady a big hand. On your dick, that is.

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