Autumn Jade – Autumn Light Blue Sweater

Category: Autumn Jade, Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo | Date: 27 October 2013

Autumn Light Blue Sweater

Autumn Light Blue Sweater

A couple of the editors at SCORE Group, Dave and Elliot, were in the model's foo-foo dressing room as Autumn dressed for this pictorial. They weren't looking at the floor. The make-up artiste, Luz, no slouch herself in the looks department and who has been with SCORE for a long time, eventually shooed them away, like the vermin they are. Said Elliot, "I don't know about Dave. For me, the urge to jack was brutal. Ordinarily, anytime I see Autumn when she flies into SCORE for shoots, my nut sack swells up. You could set a clock to it. Autumn arrives. Nut sack swells up. Nut sack begins to enlarge? Autumn must be on the way. It's tough to be a guy sometimes. Her boobs are unbelieveable and she's as cute as can be. Autumn knows about the nut-swelling. She gets this look in her eyes. She likes swelling up nuts. The day she came back to SCORE was a blessed day.

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