Aileen Ghettman – Take Me To Boob Bliss

Category: Aileen Ghettman, Big Tits, Mixed, Solo | Date: 28 October 2013

Take Me To Boob Bliss

Take Me To Boob Bliss

I wasn't around for this scene, but I am pleased to say that I was on the set for Aileen Ghettman's scene in the movie Boob Science. Unfortunately, I didn't get to fuck her. Someone else did. Fortunately, I got eyefuls of her big, naturals tits bulging out of a sheer top that was only partly buttoned, and before I left the room, I got a glimpse of her super-hairy pussy, too. You know, no matter how many times I see SCORE Girls in the flesh, I never cease to be amazed by how stupendously built some of those girls are. Aileen is one of them.

Aileen is one of the most-unusual SCORE Girls I've ever met. On the one hand, she comes across as shy and very girl-next-doorish. On the other hand, she's a professional dominatrix who does some very kinky things. I asked her about the kinkiest dominatrix thing she'd ever done, and she answered, "Prostate massaging."

Hey, whatever floats your boat.

"You take a Latex glove, and you slide it down your hand and make sure it's not slipping off, that it's on pretty good," she explained. "Then you take your index finger and play around his asshole, then you insert it in his asshole until you hit the prostate. And then you milk the prostate. It feels amazing for the man. They just keep cumming and can't stop."

Funny, but I have the same reaction when I look at Aileen's photos and videos, and I don't need anyone to stick a finger up my ass.

She's also into ball-busting, which means pressing her stiletto heels into a guy's balls and pushing down lightly, then kicking them. As I said, whatever floats your boat.

She also explained how "there can be quite a tingly feeling when you add sensory deprivation, which is taking ice and rubbing it on the balls before you do it, and then when you go to kick them, they feel it 10 times more. And after the pain subsides, they begin to really enjoy it. It's like busting a nut 10 times."

At the end of my interview with Aileen, I said to her, "We're gonna pass on the cock and ball torture. We'll just stick to being boob-smothered. Thanks for the interview."

And she said, in her sweet voice, "You're very welcome."

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